An Ishmael Funerary Stela Archaeological Discovery | Neal Rappleye

Book of Mormon History Podcast

Nov 8 2021 • 1 hr 10 mins

Ishmael died in the Book of Mormon and was buried in Arabia in a place named Nahom. Remarkably, archaeologists have discovered a funerary stela in the region of ancient NHM (Book of Mormon Nahom) with the name Ishmael inscribed on it.  The limestone stela has the name of Ishmael, dates to the correct time period and comes from the region of NHM.  The archaeological place of Nahom has well over 10 artifacts which confirm the name including several dating to Book of Mormon times. Has archaeology provided concrete evidence for Ishmael in the Book of Mormon?

Book of Mormon Central researcher, Neal Rappleye, found the ancient inscription in part of a collection of over 400 stela.  He joins the podcast to discuss the incredible archaeological evidence in support of the Book of Mormon as a true history.

Can we say for sure this is Ishmael from the Book of Mormon?  Listen to the podcast to find out.

Here is Neal's article on the funerary stela and its inscription:

Here is a link to his blog post from Book of Mormon Central about making the incredible find:

Quoting from Neal's abstract from his article published in the Interpreter Foundation: "...scholars generally agree that “the place called… Nahom,” where Ishmael was buried (1 Nephi 16:34) is identified as the Nihm tribal region in Yemen...a funerary stela with the...south Arabian equivalent of Ishmael — was found near the Nihm region and dated to ca. 6th century bc. Although it cannot be determined with certainty that this is the Ishmael from the Book of Mormon...such is a possibility worth considering."

Finding any name in history is astounding. Finding a name in the right location and time period from a traveler to that region with a name not from the region is an archaeological bullseye worth discussing in any conversation regarding the Book of Mormon and its history.

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