Was that the Bottom?

Laminate Money

Nov 16 2022 • 40 mins

From the midterm elections to inflation to new crypto bankruptcies, the markets had a lot to process over the week. In this week episode we talk about what all this news means for the markets and ultimately your financial life.

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Show Notes

The Good: Markets popped and the Dow is close to all-time highs

The Bad: Binance walks away from the FTX deal

The Comical: Record market cap swings

Head Scratcher of the week: Meta's rally on 11,000 people getting fired

What is going on?

  1. The inflation rally
  2. Midterm results are in - what does that mean for markets
  3. Crypto meltdowns could lead to margin calls - JPMorgan Says
  4. Futures point to more gains