Babcia and Yia Yia Travel The World

Babcia And Yia Yia Travel The World

Join us on the journey of a lifetime as Babcia (Alex) and Yia Yia (Terri) attempt to turn their travel dreams into travel realities. Whether you are an experienced traveler or just got your passport, this podcast is for you! Tune in to get great travel tips and learn about amazing destinations as we plan our next adventure and reminisce with friends about the moments that make travel an addiction.

3.3 Rome 101: 5 Reservations to make
Oct 1 2022
3.3 Rome 101: 5 Reservations to make
Thanks for joining us today! As always, we hope that our travel nonsense translates into your travel success! For more on how to frame your river cruising or any of our other show notes, click here! In this episode, we can answer: What tickets do I need to pre purchase in Rome?What reservations do I have to make when I travel to Rome?Which museums need to be scheduled in Rome?How do I use 10 days in Italy well?How do I make my trip to Italy the best experience?What should I know before I plan my trip to Italy. We are so excited to introduce you to our great friend Fuse from Fuse Travels. Fuse is an ex-pat from Brazil who fell in love with Italy and has created quite a following as she explores everything Dolce Far Niente. She is a niche expert on traveling to Italy especially for first time visitors. Listen in on our great conversation about how to make your trip to Italy the very best it can be. Then, follow Fuse on Instagram and TikTok for so much more Italian love! Get our take on how we create trips and ensure that every person on every trip enjoys themselves every time! We'll send it right to your inbox! Click here for access to our 10 minute video! For a full rundown on our conversation check out our show notes here! Now follow us on ALL the social media! Facebook   @babciaandyiayia Twitter   @babciaandyiayia Instagram   @babciaandyiayia TikTok   @babciaandyiayia  (We LOVE your questions too!) Pinterest Have ideas or questions about what you'd like us to cover? Please e-mail us your questions or ideas at Visit our blog and website by clicking here! Alexandra was last in Italy in 2017