SBR 10: On Ferocity OR And If You Think About Turning Back

She Been Ready! The Podcast

Dec 18 2022 • 1 hr 20 mins

In the final episode of season one, Dr. Wendi hands over the reins of the podcast to her trusted friend, Diane Wiltshire. Belovedly known as Fury by her friends and loved ones, of whom Dr. Wendi is one but refuses to call her outside her given name (another story for another day), it is, for this reason, she may be the best person to close out our first season of She Been Ready! The Podcast by interviewing our host about her leadership journey, the reason for the podcast, and why ferocity is a good thing (and anything else she wants to talk about).

it is only a matter of time before Diane is back to discuss her work and leadership, but for now, you can follow her on Instagram @hell_hath_know-fury.