SBR 6 | Grace Under Fire w/Rachelle Rodgers-Ard

She Been Ready! The Podcast

Aug 21 2022 • 51 mins

Dr. Wendi is in conversation with Rachelle Rodgers-Ard, a colleague and friend who has translated her experience and expertise as an educational leader into teachable moments for the wider public. Rachelle has centered the concept of authenticity in her work, drawing connections between one’s capacity to be and accept their whole self while leading in order to do so effectively and competently.

In our conversation, Rachelle articulates myriad gems. We discuss the foundational role of authenticity in leadership and her book on the subject, as well as the impacts of inauthenticity on one’s leadership practice and themselves.  Rachelle shares her perspective on the importance of making a pivot and how to do so with grace when necessary. Throughout our conversation, we experience the deep value of care Rachelle demonstrates for herself and others that inspires her work.

Learn more about Dr. Rachelle Rodger-Ard’s work on her website at There you can follow her podcast conversations, learn more about her critical race leadership consultation, perhaps work directly with her, or read her text, Black Educational Leadership: From Silencing to Authenticity. You can also follow her on Twitter @ebavdir and Instagram @dr.rachellerogersard.

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Music Credit: She Been Ready - Arranged, produced, and mixed by Shawn Nealy-Oparah