Betty Baird's Golden Year by Anna Hamlin Weikel (1865 - 1923)

Mentor New York

It seems that all the people close to Betty are going through major life changes. Lois is certainly spending a lot of time with Dunmore Lane these days. Is Betty about to lose her friend and confidante forever? Even Miss Minturne is behaving strangely. If she's falling in love, as Betty suspects, what will happen to the income that Betty is depending on to pay off the mortgage on the farmhouse? Meanwhile, before Betty is even aware of it, her friends have begun to wonder if someone is falling in love with her. Although Betty scoffs at the idea, there is a certain gentleman who just might fit her romantic ideal of a knight errant. But with so many young men smitten with Betty and her magnetic personality, which one, if any, will win her heart in the end? - Summary by Holly Jenson read less