Becoming the Ultimate Coach #13: Why Fitness Professionals Need to go Beyond Strength & Stamina

Becoming the Ultimate Coach with the Jock and the Doc

Dec 6 2021 • 12 mins

In this week's Becoming the Ultimate Coach, the Jock (Scott Schutte) and the Doc (Dr. Janine Stichter) break down why going beyond just strength, stamina and flexibility is so important.

For the majority of personal training clients, just impacting strength, stamina, and flexibility won't get them the results they want and can lead them to train elsewhere. If a client isn't managing their stress, monitoring nutrition and activity, results become much more difficult to achieve and can be frustrating.

Especially if food and sedentary behavior are part of their current stress management. With Weight Loss Behavior Coaching, you will learn to impact 10 facets of health and fitness, including stress management, happiness, relationships as well as strength, stamina while they are in the gym.