Becoming the Ultimate Coach #11: Learn to Answer Any Question From Your Client

Becoming the Ultimate Coach with the Jock and the Doc

Dec 6 2021 • 11 mins

It is no secret that clients, especially early on, have a lot of questions.

In most cases, to answer those questions as their coach we have to ask even more questions.

On this week's episode of Becoming the Ultimate Coach, the Jock (Scott Schutte) and the Doc (Dr. Janine Stichter) break down how to dig a little deeper and be able to answer whatever questions your clients have for you.

As with most things in health and fitness, it is all dependent on the clients' goals. For example, if a client asks how far/often should they run, you should first ask them, if they enjoy running.

What goal will running help them accomplish? Is it a short term or long term goals? For some people, running is a huge stress reliever and adds movement to their day.

For others, it hurts their joints to the point where it is disrupting their other training. The key to being able to answer any question your clients bring you is knowing your clients and what each of their individual goals are.