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Funny and relatable conversations that happens when anxiety and motherhood collide.
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The Anxiety of Grief
Jun 10 2021
31 mins
The Anxiety of GriefParenting anxiety: Men vs. WomenThe anxiety of in-laws and your parentingThere's a bicycle in the mall....So, we took a break....Where you are vs. where you thought you'd beIn-person learning anxiety mom vs. child.Beers on me, shots on us, and let's have a round of anxieties on the shed!Is it Anxiety or Intuition?The anxiety of the silenceHappy New Years Eve, Eve and a buhhh-bye to 2020!A Momxiety Christmas with a side of panicWhen anxieties attack. Where we are currentlyMomxiety of Gifting gifts or memories and Holiday TraditionsAnxiety and momxiety from one Holiday to another.How we're navigating this Thanksgiving and a second shut down.Thanksgiving 2020--Can we reduce anxiety this year? *Edited for correct podcastThe anxiety of going to the doctor for ourselvesDo you really know how stressed out your kids are?Distance Learning 2020. The bad, the ugly and the WTF?