S3E29 – Myth

Incarnation Read – a Horror Podcast

Jan 21 2023 • 40 mins

S3E29 – MYTH

What happens when one ceases to be real? What, then, does the world around them become?

This episode contains graphic body horror and depiction of gore. Listener discretion is advised.


INCARNATION READ is a horror anthology podcast. Released every 2-3 weeks, it tells stories of inhuman impulses, of gaps between reality and nightmare, of things that are seen that can't possibly be real––and the horrified sounds that accompany them.

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Incarnation Read is created, written, narrated, and produced by C. S. W. The opening theme was written and performed by Onnika Hanson. All music and sound effects used in this podcast are created in-house, from scratch. For more information and updates, follow the show's Facebook page, and of course visit cswhorror.com or follow me on Twitter @CSW_Horror. For behind-the-scenes peeks and extra scary content, follow me on Instagram @IncarnationRead or on TikTok @IncarnationRead. Feel free to leave the show a review down below!

Thank you for listening.

-C. S. W.

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