SEO Goals, Realities, Expectations & Myths

How Online Marketing Works

Mar 14 2021 • 184 hrs 42 mins

In this lesson, we will learn the importance of setting realistic SEO expectations and SEO goals.

Understanding SEO reality and SEO realities are very important.

This helps you to stay clear of SEO myths and keep your SEO objective focused and step-by-step plan.

Some of the SEO truths we will learn to include:

  • It’s not easy to rank in top SERP positions
  • The realistic time frame for ranking
  • SEO is not a one-time process
  • On-page SEO is not enough for competitive keywords
  • SEO can cost you
  • Outreach can be expensive
  • More traffic does not mean more profits
  • Search engine optimization is not risk-free

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