Episode 66: Doing DEI Differently with Lea Jovy-Ford

Campfire Capitalism Podcast

Feb 20 2023 • 49 mins

Lea has almost two decades of experience as an entrepreneur, remote COO and business owner, leading fully remote teams of diverse employees and contractors around the globe. She was an early pioneer of the remote work and digital nomad movement as the founder of the world-renowned blog, Location Independent, and has helped thousands of people create the freedom to work from anywhere. Lea was most recently the co-founder and COO of another EdTech company based in the USA. Under Lea’s leadership, the company was built as an explicitly anti-racist company fully committed to diversity, equity and belonging to create a safe working environment for Black, Brown and other deliberately disadvantaged communities…until Lea resigned after ongoing racism from her co-founder and CEO! She now leads Diverse Leaders Group as the CEO, committed to building the company differently with a foundation of equity, equality and a true ‘people first’ approach. Lea and her wife have a blended family of 4 children, who are all home educated, and live in the UK.

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