Cruel, Idiotic Leaders as Death Toll Nears 50,000

The Lean to the Left Podcast

Apr 24 2020 • 8 mins

I could hardly believe it when I read that Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump’s pal who runs the United States Senate, said that instead of the federal government providing assistance to states struggling financially from the coronavirus, they should just declare bankruptcy.To me, that was just an incredible statement. And then, he intimated that because most of those states are led by Democratic governors, somehow that is the problem. I was happy to see New York Governor Andrew Cuomo rip him a new one for that statement, but then was once again astounded when Trump, in his daily briefing, seemed to indicate that maybe McConnell’s idea wasn’t so bad after all.So that’s the topic of this blog on Not Fake News.biz. Take a listen to Cruel, Idiotic Leaders as Death Toll Nears 50,000, published April 23 on Not Fake News.biz.