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Racial Solidarity & Lowertown - Q&A + DISCIPLESHIP TOOLKIT
Nov 9 2020
Racial Solidarity & Lowertown - Q&A + DISCIPLESHIP TOOLKIT
This week concludes our series on Racial Solidarity & Lowertown as Brian is joined by Josh and Paul to answer some questions that have been asked throughout the series, and to highlight the Lowertown Racial Solidarity Discipleship Toolkit. Question 1 = Why call the series Racial Solidarity and not Racial Reconciliation? (3:38) Question 2 = What would you hope to see from our congregation to know that we are moving in the right direction with racial solidarity and Lowertown? (17:02) Question 3 = What are the barriers to speaking on racism from the pulpit on Sundays? (23:47) Question 4 = How does our doctrine of sin inform our approach to racial solidarity, individually and corporately? (31:51) Question 5 = Should I feel bad about being white and having privileges, or in this specific context, white privilege? (37:59) Question 6 = As Christians, how should we think wisely about Critical Race Theory, or other frameworks, through which justice issues might be considered apart from the Gospel lens? (44:09) Link to the Hope Lowertown Racial Solidarity Discipleship Toolkit (63:35): If you have any questions or want to dialogue about anything in this episode (or series), feel free to contact Brian, Josh, and/or Paul. Host: Brian Silver ( Guests: Joshua Daramola ( Paul Stiver (