Tim Goldstein Learning Nuggets, Sound Bites Recorded for Uptimize

Tim Goldstein, Autistic Philosopher of Neurodiversity: Life in the Neuro Cloud™

Aug 26 2021 • 15 mins

I think you will enjoy this one as it delivers a huge amount of information is a very short time. Learning nuggets are short recording which deliver an impactful statement or point on a specific topic.

This set was recorded for Uptimize in 2018 as video clips. I pulled the audio track to create this episode. As I mention in the introduction I was still struggling with the correct terminology to use. In this recording I mostly use the term neurodiverse incorrectly as a noun meaning non-neurotypical. Some of my Australian friends finally convinced me that neurodistinct is an adverb and refers to the make-up of a group. Since then I coined the term Neurodistinct to mean non-neurotypical and now use neurodiverse properly as an adverb.

When you hear neurodiverse in this recording just think neurodistinct and you will then be up to date with my terminology.

For those of you who want to understand neurodiversity terminology better take a look at my blog post Neurodiversity Refined: https://www.timgoldstein.com/blog/neurodiversityrefined You can also download my Neurodiversity Explained infographic from the post.