Russ Garner Discussing Autism and Autism Traits in the Tech Industry and Explains Backyard Tortoises

Tim Goldstein, Autistic Philosopher of Neurodiversity: Life in the Neuro Cloud™

Aug 15 2019 • 42 mins

Russ Garner is a Director of Professional Services for a rapidly growing software as a services company. Russ has worked for a range of IT companies and as a consultant for one of the biggest consulting companies. His experience includes working with everything from small IT departments to executives and technology workers at some of the worlds biggest companies.

In this episode Russ share some of his experience and learning from working with neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals in the technology space. He gives us great insight into both what he has learned from it and even shares areas he wishes he had handled better. Russ surprised Tim with a reveal which explains some of his ability to relate with the neurodiverse, autistic, and functionally autistic type people who are so common in the arena of high tech. Russ also shares some great tips for managers which work whether they have neurodiverse staff or not.

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