Listen as Dr Dave Caudel Executive Director of Vanderbilt University's Frist Center on Autism and Innovation and Tim have an aspie chat, segment 3

Tim Goldstein, Autistic Philosopher of Neurodiversity: Life in the Neuro Cloud™

Jan 31 2020 • 37 mins

This is the third and final segment of a good long chat Dr Dave and I had.

Dr Dave has a unique perspective on Autism in the Workplace. Dr Dave, like myself, was not diagnosed until later in adult life. This gave him the aspie experience of lots of jobs and careers and how thinking differently is frequently not accepted. Dr Dave is also the parent of autistic children, giving him hands on experience with the childhood side of autism. Finally, Dr Dave is the Executive Director of Vanderbilt's Frist Center on Autism and Innovations, where he gets to talk with people on all side of the employment challenge.

The Frist Center is a multi-discipline approach with a mission of: Engineering technologies and transforming the workplace – inspired by neurodiversity, at the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering brings engineers, business scholars, and disabilities researchers together with experts in neuroscience and education to understand, maximize, and promote neurodiverse talent.

Details to reach the Frist Center or Dr Dave directly.
Vanderbilt's Frist Center for Autism and Innovation
Dr Dave: david.d.caudel@vanderbilt.edu