Tim Goldstein Gives an Update on What is Up With Him & Shares a Presentation He Gave at Google

Tim Goldstein, Autistic Philosopher of Neurodiversity: Life in the Neuro Cloud™

Nov 15 2020 • 28 mins

It has been far too many month since I have posted an episode. There has been a huge amount going on in my life above and beyond all the changes the COVID pandemic has caused. Like many autistics I can easily get overstimulated and drained in the course of a normal day. Between COVID and joining Google through an acquisition and the changes it brings I get overstimulated and drained by the end of the work day. Unfortunately it leaves me fried for the day and no personal work happens that evening. Weekends have been mostly dedicated to hiding from the computer and trying to avoid anything that is draining. So nothing happens on weekends either other than Tim going over the top on his special interest as is his norm.

Hoping this will be the first step in getting back to at least an episode every two weeks. We will see how fast I can get to this goal.

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