A wonderful chat with Shelly Dival Autism Building Design Specialist and Churchill Fellow, Session 2

Tim Goldstein, Autistic Philosopher of Neurodiversity: Life in the Neuro Cloud™

Oct 22 2019 • 46 mins

Shelly and I had such a good time chatting we kept the recorder running and produced Shelly Dival continued.

Like many of us that grew up on farms, Shelly has a huge range of skills and has had a number of careers. In her now long running career as a building designer. In Australia architect has a specific meaning, but in the USA we would probably call her an architect.

When her grandson was diagnosed with autism Shelly jumped in to learn all she could about it and how to apply her skill as a building designer to create better spaces for the autistic and others of the neurodiverse bend. As the recipient of a Churchill Fellowship Shelly was able to travel the world to learn what is being done in other countries to create living spaces for the autistic. This has given her an amazing understanding of the various approached and techniques used to create just the right environment for comfort and usability.

You can learn more about Shelly, her design philosophy, and download her summary report of all the things she learned about different designs and approaches at her website https://enablingspaces.com.au
Email: shelly.dival@enablingspaces.com.au
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/shellydival
Facebook: @autismfriendly
Phone: +61 0433 510 416