Episode 24 - Natural term breastfeeding, infant and young child feeding in an emergency (IYCF-E), and the intersection of breastfeeding with feminisim

Evidence-based Mommy

Jul 12 2023 • 36 mins

In this episode, we welcome Lourdes Santabella, IBCLC, co-founder of Alimentación Segura Infantil, an intergenerational organization based in Puerto Rico focused on increasing breastfeeding, leadership and training and gender equity in traditionally marginalized communities, with a focus on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery and against binary and colonialist backlash.

We discuss what it's like to nurse young children past toddlerhood, why it's important to be prepared to feed your child in case of an emergency, and how feminism and supporting LGBTQ+ families is critical in breastfeeding/chestfeeding support.

Listen to Lourdes's podcast, Teta y Pecho: Lactancia Interseccional

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