Dad on Pills (Part 2) | Chris Gethard on Parenting and Mental Illness

Modern Dadhood

Apr 1 2022 • 45 mins

How do you prepare for the day when your toddler is old enough to uncover a part of you that they didn't know existed? Comedian, writer, podcaster, and dad Chris Gethard opens up candidly about his fear of this inevitable day in this second half of our our interview. Be sure to listen for a heart warming surprise during the conversation. After, Adam ruminates on a recent Instant Regret involving a beloved doll we'll call "Baby Baby." This interview with Chris Gethard is part two of two.  [Listen to part one here.]

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Episode 63 of Modern Dadhood opens with a brief conversation about something called an "amuse-bouche," and a story from Marc about one of his 4-year-old twins working through some big emotions like a true champion. Marc shares that something very special happens during the second half of our interview with comedian Chris Gethard: Previous Modern Dadhood guest Brian Manor (Episode 41) is invited back to meet Chris, whose 2017 HBO special "Career Suicide" had a meaningful impact on Brian's own journey with mental illness. The conversation covers topics including:

•  The uncluttered, unbiased love that a kid shows their parent
•  Chris' fear of his son Cal discovering his writing and stage work
•  Previous guest Brian Manor addresses Chris directly
•  Beard growing techniques
•  The risk of becoming a spokesperson for depression
• And more!

Use this link for a free month subscription to Scribd where you can access Dad on Pills and many other amazing titles!

Adam shares an Instant Regret involving a doll and an emotional 8-year-old.

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