Working Toward A Better Man | Michael Ian Black on Fatherhood, Empty Nesting, Ironic Detachment

Modern Dadhood

May 6 2022 • 33 mins

Episode 65 of Modern Dadhood opens with a brief discussion about being run down and defeated by our children. The guys gab for a bit before introducing comedian Michael Ian Black into the conversation. Michael is a father of two college-age children, Elijah and Ruthie, and is best known for his roles in Wet Hot American Summer, The State, and the comedy troupe Stella. Additionally, he hosts the podcasts "Obscure,"  "How To Be Amazing", and Topics (with Stella cohort Michael Showalter). Michael has written books for grown-ups and kids, and his 2020 book A Better Man: A (Mostly Serious) Letter to My Son, which balances the exploration of topics like "toxic masculinity" and gender inequality with personal anecdotes from his childhood and  career in comedy. Conversation topics include:

•  Becoming empty nesters
•  How your relationship with your kids changes as they grow
•  Kitchen appliance trends
•  Sarcasm vs sincerity as a dad
•  Ironic Detachment
•  What is "strength," really?
•  And more!

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