Deconstructing Paternal Postpartum Depression | Journalist Joe Keohane on Stigma, Stoicism, New Fatherhood

Modern Dadhood

Nov 4 2022 • 40 mins

What new dad doesn't feel over tired, overwhelmed, and thrown for a life-changing loop? But how do you know if YOUR experience is more intense than any other new dad—or when it warrants seeking help? Journalist and Editor Joe Keohane (Men's Health, Entrepreneur, The New York Times) joins the conversation to share about his research on, and personal experience with, paternal postpartum depression. He dissects the stigmas, describes warning signs, and shares helpful resources for those experiencing it. Don't drop off before Adam shares a spooky Instant Regret!

Episode 76 of Modern Dadhood opens with a brief banter about the guys' Halloween experiences before they get into a conversation about postpartum depression. Marc shares about his wife's experience with postpartum depression in the months after their twin boys were born. The guys bring up an article in Men's Health (linked below) by journalist Joe Keohane, in which he interviews a number of fathers who experienced paternal postpartum depression. Joe shares candidly about his own experience with it, and what he learned from his many interviews with dads and doctors about how the condition can be identified (but is hard to "diagnose"), the stigmas attached to it, and what the options are for new dads who think they may be experiencing it.

Post-interview, Adam shares a Halloween-themed Instant Regret. (What a dummy!)

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The Unrelenting Agony of Being a Depressed New Dad (Men's Health)
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