Workaholics Anonymous | Matt Fox on Balance, Fulfillment, Fatherhood

Modern Dadhood

Jul 8 2022 • 42 mins

Though the phrase “work/life balance” has taken on new meaning in recent years, the concept is one that many parents struggle to achieve. Balance is a very individual thing, but at its core, it’s about identifying what’s important to us and consciously making time for those things. Matt Fox coaches men to live happy and fulfilled lives as dads and working professionals. Matt joins Modern Dadhood to share some wisdom. Afterward, Marc shares a blasphemous So That's a Thing Now.

Episode 69 of Modern Dadhood opens with the guys catching up on Marc's 4 year old fraternal twin boys, followed by Adam's recount of his 8-year-old daughter's first time at an overnight camp. The guys briefly discuss the work of Matt Fox, a London-based father of two, and coach who works with dads to identify their personal priorities and balance their work with their families and passions. They share a recent conversation between Adam and Matt, which covers topics like:

•  Breaking the "workaholic" habit
•  Setting, and sticking to, personal boundaries
•  Personal income as it relates to happiness
•  The value of meditation and/or stillness
•  And more!

After the interview, Marc shares a blasphemous So That's a Thing Now which finds one of his boys blaming his woes on a divisive political figure.

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