TGIT – Emotion Code / Body Code session!

The Safe Haven

Jul 25 2019 • 55 mins

This week’s TGIT episode is pretty unique!

I was given Brenda’s contact information from two different friends in the matter of two weeks… you know my feelings on the universe, so when Darlene mentioned Brenda again at spin one afternoon, I knew it was time to make the call. We spoke for over an hour, like we’d known each other for years.

Brenda is a lightworker, using many modalities Including the Emotion Code and the Body Code to release blocked emotions. Brenda suggested that we do a session for me so that I could speak to that experience during our recording!

Well… to say the least and to keep some suspense, I was blown away. We did the session, and in this podcast episode, we dive into how the session went, what came up, and Brenda explains how she helps people move into being the best version of themselves.

There’s no holding back in this episode! You’ll learn a lot about me, too! Thanks for listening! Xx


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