Yip - WUSC-SRP... what is it?

The Roar

Nov 27 2022 • 16 mins

In this week's YIP, we have a quick chat about WUSC, (World University Services of Canada - Student Refugee Program) what it is and what we have to look forward to this coming Winter.

Waroodahmad Al-mamoori the President of the local WUSC Committee stopped by The Roar recording office, to talk about WUSC and how students can get involved. And Rina Cuison our Success Strategies Assistant and volunteer for WUSC, explains what motivated her to get involved.

For more information about our local WUSC committee visit SCSU on campus or the committees Facebook page: WUSC Sault College | Sault Sainte Marie ON | Facebook

We'll also be reviewing what is coming up on campus for this week! Listen in to learn more, with The Roar!

For more information about WUSC Canada please see: WUSC (World University Service of Canada) - Education Changes the World