Kino Quickies season 2 - Preview Episode

Kino Quickies

Sep 18 2022 • 14 mins

We're back! Welcome to this preview episode of the Kino Quickies podcast - SEASON 2! The Kino Quickies podcast is based on a series of live screenings of 1930s quota quickie films plus Q&As at the Kino Cinema in Bermondsey Square, London SE1. We were amazed at how much people loved watching these rarely seen films in season one so we decided to do it all again with another season of six films from October 9th - December 18th 2022. You can find details about the films, our guests, the venue and, of course, book tickets for any of the films here: ( Here's a very good article explaining what Quota Quickies are from the (Cinema History Blog) Well that was fascinating but (now I want to find out more) Don’t forget to subscribe to the Kino Quickies podcast.  It comes out a couple of days after each screening. Follow Kino Quickies on (Twitter) for updates You can even follow us on (Facebook)! The Kino have a (website) too and they’re also on (Twitter) and even (Instagram) Your hosts are (Dom Delargy) and (Dr Lawrence Napper)