Kino Quickies 12 - Scrooge (1935) with Ming Ho

Kino Quickies

Dec 21 2022 • 44 mins

Scrooge (1935) was the subject of our Christmas special and the last Kino Quickie of the season.

It's the first ever talkie version of A Christmas Carol and stars Seymour Hicks, a man who had played the part hundreds of times before, on both stage and screen.

It's not this Seymour Hicks though.

Our guest for the Q&A was the playright and screenwriter, Ming Ho.

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The Kino Cinema was packed to the rafters which made the second half of the Q&A all the more enjoyable as it was given over to some festive community singing led by a top secret mystery special guest.

The best way to watch Scrooge (unless you happen to catch it on Talking Pictures TV or TPTV Encore) is to buy the DVD of the 1951 Alastair Sim version from Renown Films, because the Seymour Hicks version is included as a bonus extra feature.

Ming's research for the Q&A went above and beyond and she turned up all sorts of interesting nuggets of information much of which was found in THIS BOOK. Unfortuantley it's extremely expensive at the moment but is available to read in the BFI Library.

She also stumbled upon this - a record of the time Seymour Hicks's beloved wife and business partner, Ellaline Terris, appeared on This is Your Life.

Your hosts at Kino Quickies screenings are Dom Delargy and Dr Lawrence Napper.

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