“We talked to everybody, because in Kansas you cannot win with only Democrats” (With Ashley All of Kansans for Constitutional Freedom)

What Can I Do

Nov 2 2022 • 36 mins

So, you’re campaigning for a timely but hot-button ballot initiative and need to reach voters without eliciting knee-jerk reactions. What do you do? For Ashley All and the many coalition partners working with Kansans for Constitutional Freedom, the answer was to empower local activists to reach out in their communities and work together to message that protecting a woman’s right to have an abortion is one way to protect something Kansans of all political stripes value: Freedom. Kansas was the first state to defeat an abortion ban via popular vote after the Dobbs ruling, and the campaign has helped shape campaigns in other states, with several voting on the issue this month. Episode Links: Kansans For Constitutional Freedom: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook  Ashley All (personal): Twitter  Follow Lila on Twitter Follow Kelly on Twitter Follow the podcast on Twitter at @WhatCanIDoPod To contact us with questions or guest suggestions, email us at:  hello@WhatCanIDoPodcast.com.  Please rate and review and tell your friends! Credits: To the best of our knowledge, all audio used by What Can I Do is in the public domain or is used with permission. Our theme song is Good Deeds by Serj Anto, and we hold a license for use of the song through PremiumBeat. Original artwork is by Matthew Weflen and used with express permission. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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