Camila Coelho: A Journey Of Resilience And Living With Epilepsy

Not Alone

Oct 3 2023 • 55 mins

Living with a lifelong medical condition is like taking on life's twists and turns with an extra load. It's not always easy, but people dealing with this challenge are like everyday heroes. They show us that no matter what life throws at you, there's a way to keep moving forward.  Valeria sits down with Brazilian-American fashion mogul, beauty influencer, and entrepreneur, Camila Coelho.  In this conversation filled with unexpected twists and remarkable resilience, Camila shares her battle with the heavy stigma that often surrounds epilepsy, the restrictions it imposed and her very first seizure at school made her feel incredibly different from her peers. But what truly shines in her story is her unwavering determination. She takes us through the challenging path of managing epilepsy while pursuing her dream of starting a family.  Camila tirelessly advocates for epilepsy awareness and fights against its stigma. This episode is more than just a personal journey; it's a compelling call for change and compassion. It reminds us all to confront prejudices, embrace vulnerability, and find strength in a supportive community.  Connect with Camila on:  Valeria is on:  Not Alone Podcast What We Talked About: 00:00 Intro 00:34 “I grew up in a small town, before moving to the US.” 04:51 Diagnosed with epilepsy at 9 years old 10:29 The stigma about epilepsy and the restrictions than come with it 14:23 Feeling different from others, first seizure attack in school 19:59 The medicine can potentially affect the baby during pregnancy 24:17 The process of trying to get pregnant and changing medication 31:26 Other factors that trigger an episode of epilepsy 33:53 Prioritizing health over work  39:36 Did you have periods of burn out 40:57 Epilepsy awareness and ending the stigma 44:46 Is lack of information prominent in the country? 46:13 Talk to someone about about your fears to someone you trust 47:59 Becoming more comfortable with being vulnerable and sharing your insecurities 49:50 Other people who you can share your troubles with