(Un)inspired- How To Lead a Creative Life

Not Alone

Mar 1 2023 • 26 mins

Have you been feeling uninspired lately, even stuck? In this first episode of Not Alone, Valeria delves into her own struggle to ignite creativity with fashion designer and entrepreneur Jenna Lyons and drama therapist Dr. Russya Connor. Join the conversation to learn about the year Jenna spent on her couch recharging her inspiration after almost three decades at the helm of J Crew, and how play, according to Dr. Connor, can help us all tap into our authentic and imaginative selves. Find Jenna Lyons on Instagram and TikTok, and Dr. Russya Connor on Instagram and Twitter. This Not Alone episode is sponsored by Covergirl. Check out their entire catalog of clean, cruelty-free beauty, including their brand-new color-correcting serums, on Amazon. Easy Breezy Beautiful. Covergirl. Not Alone is produced in partnership with FRQNCY Media. Producer: Lizzie Stewart  Associate Producer: Emily Krumberger Supervising Producer: Enna Garkusha  Executive Producer: Michelle Khouri Script written by: William Cagle, Ellie Katz, and Sara Naz Jadbabaie  Script editors: Isabel Moncloa Daly and Jessica Olivier Mixer and sound designer: Claire Bidigare-Curtis Dialogue editing: Sidney Evans  Session engineering: DonTaé Hodge.  Follow Valeria on Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok.