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Ron Ulrich, The Canmore Museum

Canmore Museum is on a mission to ignite shared experiences and unexpected connections with one another and the landscapes around us. Join us around the table in this monthly podcast as we bring together people from a variety of backgrounds to dive into issues facing our community through the lens of arts, culture, heritage and place.

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Feb 24 2022
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03 - Beyond Built Heritage: A Conversation About the Spaces, People, and Events that Shape Heritage.
Ron Ulrich hosts an insightful conversation around heritage and what it means. He digs deep into built heritage and the places, communities, and events that shape heritage and preserve it through change. Joining him for the conversation are Ian O’Donnell, Executive Director at Bow Valley Builders and Developers Association, Elana Zysblat, Heritage Consultant with CAHP, and Tony Snow, Aboriginal Relations and Management Consultant.Tony Snow addresses the differences between the Indigenous stewardship of environments and the Western societal commodification of land, and how heritage and history are affected when knowledge is lost during change in built environments. Elana Zysblat elaborates on how viewing environments through a lens that’s less about commodification and more about tradition and understanding through story is part of the conversation necessary for preserving heritage. Ian O’Donnell notes that a variety of perspectives are required to ensure best use of land and more voices need to be at the table for those discussions.The group explores authenticity in truth and reconciliation, identities based in land and place, how heritage conservation also requires that change be part of the stated values, and how the evolution of built spaces can contribute to shared community and heritage. The thoughtful conversation explores real issues of sustainability, climate change, preservation of heritage spaces, and decolonization of some of the ways things are done. It is a shared responsibility to ensure development doesn’t erase community and heritage.About the Guests:Ian O’Donnell: As someone passionate about community building, fostering partnerships and exploring creative solutions to difficult challenges, Ian O’Donnell genuinely cares about people, places and the experience of an area and its residents.Over the last decade and a half, Ian has focused his career and volunteerism on uplifting urban places. Whether serving as Vice President of his community league for nearly ten years, sitting on civic boards to advocate for more resources and a stronger commitment to the area, or finding new ways to create awareness for our member businesses, Ian is committed to positive change. Community is at the heart of what he does and how he approaches his work and life. A successful partnership requires dedication, communication and an openness to listen to those who work, live, shop and govern an area.Elana Zysblat: Elana Zysblat is an accomplished heritage consultant and educational program developer with expertise in heritage conservation, cultural tourism, and community engagement. Her firm’s professional motto “Meaningfully Connecting People and Places” stems from her professional focus & interest first and foremost in people, and our connection to place. Although technically a building specialist, Elana believes that robust, relevant and sustainable use are as important in heritage conservation planning as preserving brick and mortar. Formerly the Programming Director for the Vancouver Heritage Foundation, Elana’s practice as an independent consultant since 2011 has reached all areas of British Columbia. Her firm, Ance Building Services, provides heritage conservation planning services as well as support, education, training and workshops for local governments, Indigenous communities and Heritage Commissions. Elana is the current President of the BC Association of Heritage Professionals.Tony Snow: Tony Snow is a Senior Aboriginal Relations and Strategic Communications consultant with over 14 years of experience as a communications expert, environmental technician, regulatory coordinator, policy analyst and government/industry relations liaison. He is a former Director of Communications, Stoney Tribal Administration. He has assisted First Nations across Canada to develop environmental and socio-economic strategies to address resource development on traditional and reserve lands. He has provided Aboriginal Consultation advisory services, project management, risk management analysis and project coordination to support Aboriginal consultation, involvement and sustainability strategies for seismic, pipeline, transmission, hydro and oilsands projects in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario.Resources discussed in this episode:Carl Elefante “The greenest building” insight-- The Canmore Museum: website | facebook | instagram | linkedinIan O’Donnell | Executive Director at Bow Valley Builders and Developers Association website | linkedinElana Zysblat | Heritage Consultant, Ance Building Services:  website | CAHP: website | linkedinTony Snow | Aboriginal Relations and Management Consultant: linkedin
52 mins
02 - New Arrivals and Immigration: A Century of Welcoming Newcomers to Canmore
Ron Ulrich, Executive Officer of the Canmore Museum, hosts this episode’s round table discussion on immigration and welcoming new Canadian arrivals into Canmore. He is joined by Meagan Reid from the Bow Valley Immigration Partnership, Dr. Adriana Davies, noted author and Heritage and Culture Consultant, and Canmore resident who immigrated from Mexico City, Tannia Burelo.They discuss Canmore’s history as a railway town and coal mining community before it blossomed into its current incarnation as a tourist destination, and examine the ways in which the shifting regional identities shaped past immigration and current diversity in the area. Adriana Davies shares pivotal historical insight and stories, and Meagan Reid imparts information about what Bow Valley immigration looks like today.Tannia Burelo shares her perspective as an immigrant from Mexico who moved from Ontario, where she’d originally moved five years ago, to Canmore, and her perceptions about settlement in the region, the impact COVID had on her newfound community, and the struggle to maintain one’s identity in a new life. The discussion is very open and insightful, exploring the importance of organizations and community in welcoming immigrants into their new homes.About the Guests:Meagan Reid came to the Banff region for outdoor recreation but stayed for the community. Since its launch in 2014, Meagan has coordinated the Bow Valley Immigration Partnership (BVIP) where she helps stakeholders from every sector and walk of life work together to ensure the Bow Valley is a place where all residents can participate, thrive, and know that they belong. Dr. Adriana Davies is a well-known researcher, writer, editor and poet. She was the Executive Director of the Alberta Museums Association for thirteen years and Executive Director of the Heritage Community Foundation for ten years. She is the author of From Realism to Abstraction: The Art of J. B. Taylor, The Rise and Fall of Emilio Picariello, and From Sojourners to Citizens: Alberta’s Italian History. Dr. Davies was invested in the Order of Canada in 2010 for her contributions to heritage. In 2015, she was awarded a knighthood (Cavaliere d’Italia) by the Government of Italy for her contributions to the preservation of the Italian language and culture, and her research and publications on Italian immigration to Canada.Tannia Burelo has an educational background in Human Resources and is originally from Mexico City. As an immigrant to Canada, Tannia is well aware of the importance of cultural differences that exist in the workplace. She believes that in order to create a mentally healthy workplace, employers have to consider the cultural differences of their employees. Tannia is a volunteer for Bow Valley Immigration Partnership as a part of the Immigrant Advisory Group and for Canadian Mental Health Association Alberta Division as a Community Animator for the Rural Mental Health Project. Resources discussed in this episode:Bow Valley Immigration PartnershipFrom Sojourners to Citizens: Alberta’s Italian History by Adriana A. Davies#BowValleyLocals campaign website  instagram-- The Canmore Museum: website | facebook | instagram | linkedinMeagan Reid | Bow Valley Immigration Partnership Coordinator: website | linkedinDr. Adriana Davies | Heritage and Cultural Consultant: linkedin | booksTannia Burelo | Immigrant Advisory Group - Rural Mental Health Project   website | linkedin
Apr 8 2022
55 mins
01 - Culture, Community, and Sustainability
Ron Ulrich, Executive Officer of the Canmore Museum, hosts a thoughtful roundtable discussion on how culture and community can dovetail with sustainability goals alongside guest co-host Nicole Fougère of artsPlace Canmore. They welcome guests Douglas Worts, a culture and sustainability specialist, and Caitlin Southwick, Executive Director of Ki Culture to the table.Caitlin Southwick, who is a conservator with experience working with some of the most notable museums around the world, and Douglas Worts lend their expertise and knowledge to the subject of how environmental awareness can start to align with culture, especially where museums are concerned. The group address issues of unsustainable and even environmentally damaging processes embedded within museum culture and how those can be changed.They discuss Indigeneous communities and the interpretation of Indigeneous collections not as artifacts but as living objects. They explore the involvement of community in culture and in museum futures, and how COVID has opened museums to new ideas of community focus. There is a new exploration of art and sustainability working hand-in-hand with community and building relationships that exist outside tourism dollars. It is an insightful conversation that will enlighten and entertain.About the Guests:Nicole Fougère is a mountain-trekking, truth-dancing, language-lover who believes that creativity transforms lives. At the Royal Conservatory of Music, Nicole innovated many successful arts education programs which she launched and managed nationally and internationally. She is passionate about community engagement in the arts. Nicole currently works as Programs Director for artsPlace in Canmore.Douglas Worts is a ‘culture and sustainability specialist’, combining over 35 years of working within the museum world and over 20 years of grappling with the personal/local/global challenges of sustainability. He is associated with The Sustainability Accelerator Network (previously, the AtKisson Group) and in 2020 he connected with Climate Collage, which is a systems mapping methodology to help understand the systems dynamics of climate change.Caitlin Southwick is the Founder and Executive Director of Ki Culture. She holds a Professional Doctorate in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage from the University of Amsterdam. Caitlin has worked in the conservation field and in museums around the world, including the Vatican Museums, The Getty Conservation Institute, and Easter Island. She was a professional member of the American Institute of Conservations Sustainability Committee and is the Secretary of the Working Group on Sustainability for the International Council of Museums (ICOM).Resources discussed in this episode:artsPlace CanmoreKi Culture-- The Canmore Museum: website | facebook | instagram | linkedinNicole Fougère | Programs Director at artsPlace: website | linkedinDouglas Worts | Culture & Sustainability Specialist: website | linkedinCaitlin Southwick | Executive Director at Ki Culture: website | linkedin
Mar 11 2022
52 mins
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