The 5 Pillars to Wealth with Dr. Monikah Ogando (OYP Lifestyle Show EP. 6)

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Apr 8 2023 • 16 mins

Ready to get your finances in order? Living paycheck to paycheck? Need help in getting clarity on your next steps?

In this short discussion Dr. Monikah Ogando shares her 5 Pillars to Wealth. She's doing a challenge that is open to ALL starting April 10, so she is sharing the foundation of it all. Take notes!

Guest: Dr. Monikah Ogando
Host: Coach Simone Kelly

Dr. Monikah Ogando is leading they way in a FREE FIVE DAY CHALLENGE.

Join us as we take a deep dive in learning about the pillars of wealth building and much more. Make your ancestors' wildest dreams come true.

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Dr. Monikah Ogando

Founder, CEO Mastery

Dr. Monikah Ogando is the founder of CEO Mastery, a global business growth consulting firm. Her first company ranked as one of Inc 500’s the fastest growing companies in the US. Dr. Ogando has been an expert guest on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox and is the author of several academic articles and books.

Her work is deeply informed by three parallel paths: the trenches of business, her rigorous academic studies in psychology and comparative religions, and her own journey to develop a life and legacy she can be proud of.

From her first career as a financial planner and stockbroker, to over 20 years as a business growth strategic and leadership coach, she knows how important it is for entrepreneurs and business leaders to uplevel their financial literacy, and integrate it with their spiritual walk.

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