Bug Bux Podcast

Allan Draper and Eric Bassett

Bug Bux Podcast is designed to help pest control owners start and rapidly scale their company. The hosts, Allan Draper and Eric Bassett, are experts in the pest industry, and they are committed to providing the best guests and resources to help entrepreneurs. Their goal is to help you become a bug money millionaire. Allan Draper is a serial entrepreneur, investor, business growth expert, attorney, and co-founder of proof. Pest Control, a company dedicated to providing the highest standard of pest management services to homeowners. Allan's diverse industry experiences led him to become a mentor and coach to business owners and entrepreneurs. His branches are in eight different states, with more than 100 employees and hundreds of sales representatives. With hard work and dedication, proof.Pest Control has continued to have massive success in multiple markets. Serving the community has remained a primary mission for Allan and is one of his core values. You can follow Allan on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram @allanrdraperEric Bassett started out as a door-to-door sales representative in 2008. Then he quickly worked his way into upper management and a sales director role before joining Natura as an owner and Vice President. His areas of expertise are inside sales and customer service training, organizational leadership development, and business strategy. He's also an Associate Certified Entomologist. You can follow his journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram @iamericbassett read less