How One Small Acquisition Led to 9 More in 5 Years

Acquiring Minds

Jul 6 2021 • 40 mins

Nick Haschka left a Silicon Valley career and bought an office plant service in 2017, then acquired 9 more through 2021.

Key points from Nick's story:

  • The Wright Gardner was doing $1-2m in annual revenue, with margins in the 20% range.
  • Acquired the business in 2017 for ~3x of SDE.
  • Used SBA for 65-70% of the purchase price, 15% seller financing, and cash for the rest.
  • Four months after acquisition, SBA banker came to them with another indoor plant services business looking to sell. Acquired that business, plus 8 others since then.
  • Acquired businesses average a couple hundred thousand dollars in annual revenue, though some as small as $100k. All asset purchases.

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