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When news breaks, when our world changes, when you need questions answered – or when you need an escape from the headlines – this is where you'll find special, in-depth reporting from ABC News Radio. From hour-long shows covering the COVID-19 pandemic, to thoughtful discussions of politics, to celebrations of the arts. This is audio storytelling at its best, powered by ABC News. read less

Our Editor's Take

The ABC News Radio Specials podcast examines the details behind monumental news stories. ABC News correspondents Aaron Katersky, Cheri Preston, and Alex Stone are frequent contributors. They report what the world endures and accomplishes with skill and reverence.

The podcast started in 2020. COVID-19 fills every episode of ABC News Radio Specials that year. Doctors tell listeners what 95 percent of adults are doing wrong. They describe hospital mayhem. They discuss mask regulations. 2020 was the worst year for many. But it was also a year of innovation and resilience.

ABC News Radio Specials provides profiles of notable persons in the news. There's a podcast episode dedicated to Barbara Walters, former host of 20/20. Listeners learn how indefatigable she was. She became the first female coanchor of a US network evening news show. She went on to pioneer interview specials for ABC. Walters became even more famous than some of the people she interviewed. Listeners discover who she liked interviewing most.

Another podcast episode studies gun violence and its connection to mental illness. Angela Kimball of the National Alliance of Mental Illness provides fascinating statistics. She says it's easier to get a gun than mental health counseling. A sheriff and doctor concur that mental health isn't the only reason for gun violence. One expert says 96 percent of shootings include other factors

A Thanksgiving episode of ABC News Radio Specials details newsworthy food. Listeners hear about the 31 restaurants created by award-winning chef José Andrés. Wine choices get selected by Doug Frost. He's one of four people who's both a Master of Wine and Master Sommelier.

ABC News Radio Specials relays all the details from global stories. But many stories are specific to the US. There is a rich mix of content. Serious topics like Roe v. Wade get covered. But listeners also learn where to buy puppy food made from Granny Smith apples. It's news coverage that people need and want to hear. New episodes of the podcast get released on a periodic basis.

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