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Tug of War


CNN reporters take us on-the-ground in Israel to document the escalating conflict and what it means for the rest of the world. read less

Our Editor's Take

Some people think that democracy is under attack. The podcast Tug of War explores this idea. With top CNN reporters leading the show, the program explores global upheaval and conflict. CNN's chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward hosts this current events podcast.

Early in its episodes, Tug of War highlighted conflicts worldwide. Ward reported on the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in 2021 and Syrian activism. The podcast aimed to report on major global upheaval. In 2022, the podcast focus shifted to Russia's Invasion of Ukraine. Coverage of Ukraine's fight continues as the conflict drags on.

Other CNN reporters, like Nima Elbagir and Matthew Chance, join the show, too. Podcast episodes talk about the war's impact on society. The topics on Tug of War range from cultural preservation and the global economics to the civilian experience. Some episodes feature on-the-ground reporting, while others offer exclusive interviews.

The episode "Unearthing the Horror in Bucha" discusses what happened after the bombing. CNN Style global editor Fiona Sinclair Scott is a guest on another podcast episode. She talks about artists and historians trying to save important artifacts. In "Terror and Tulips in Kharkiv," Ward talks about her time in Ukraine. Her reporting shares Russia's violence and Ukraine's will to survive.

Tug of War blends reporting with personal stories. By going into these conflict zones, listeners can see the human side of war. This podcast brings civilian stories to life. With political analysis, this element is crucial to understand war's impact.

In times of war, clear and truthful reporting is critical. CNN confronts Vladimir Putin's lies and communicates the truth by sharing Ukrainian voices. Tug of War explains the reality abroad, sharing local coverage and tactical analysis. These reporters share crucial information despite threats. In 20-minute episodes, this podcast informs listeners about the reality of global conflict.

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