Dr David Haase - A Longevity Pillar: Plasma Exchange

Cutting Edge Health: Preventing Cognitive Decline

Mar 17 2024 • 47 mins

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In this episode of the "Cutting Edge Health Preventing Cognitive Decline" podcast, Jane Rogers introduces David Haase, MD, a pioneering doctor in the field of cognitive decline treatment and the “coach” of the #1-ranked Rejuvenation Olympian.

Dr.  Haase’s approach centers on therapeutic plasma exchange, a process aimed at removing harmful proteins and molecules from the blood, which are associated with deteriorating brain function. Haase received his medical degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and did his residency at the Mayo Clinic. Today he is based in Nashville, Tennessee, at his Maxwell Clinic. Dr. Haase has spent over two decades working towards improving brain health and functionality through integrative and innovative treatments.

Dr. Haase discusses the efficacy of therapeutic plasma exchange in reversing dementia and cognitive decline, citing the AMBAR study, which showed significant improvements in Alzheimer's patients. This treatment, according to Dr. Haase, is a breakthrough yet remains underutilized due to a lack of awareness and financial backing. The procedure involves replacing a patient's plasma with a clean albumin solution, which can lead to improvements in cognitive functions and a reduction in neurodegeneration markers. Dr. Haase emphasizes the importance of addressing cognitive health proactively, leveraging multifactorial treatments to tackle the complex causation of cognitive decline.


David Haase, MD is a Vanderbilt, Mayo Clinic, double board certified , VERY CURIOUS physician.

In 2003 Dr. Haase founded the MaxWell Clinic in Nashville, Tennessee as a living laboratory to explore the question "What Creates Health?" and he has been incessantly innovating in the fields of nutrition, genomics, mitochondrial function, systems biology, apheresis, stem-cell programming, and brain optimization ever since.  His patients are those who desire the deepest personalization of innovative performance and longevity care possible.

He is the author of Curiosity Heals The Human: Solving the ‘Unsolvable’ with BetterQuestions and Advanced Technologies.


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