More Studies Needed?

The Long Road

Jun 8 2021 • 12 mins

In the last week, we've had two "breakthrough" drugs announced for approvals by the FDA--one for obesity (Semaglutide) and the other for Alzheimer's (aducanumab)...yet "more studies are needed of course." I started thinking rationally about "more studies." We do NOT need more studies to show that mild to moderate exercise is extremely healthy and safe for humans. What we do need is action to start doing it as in daily exercise. History and science have clearly shown the health benefits of exercise to maintain proper body composition and to enhance brain function, yet in America, we continue to ignore root cause solutions and look for the easy "passive care" quick fixes with big pharma drugs and medical procedures; hence, our overall health gets worse and worse. *Song Credit: "Chicken Fat" written by Meredith Wilson and performed by Robert Preston. Learn more about "Chicken Fat Song" history: