How to use our times' seeming chaos of change TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

Create Your Best Life Ever! What Else is Possible?

Oct 11 2013 • 57 mins

The holistic view of the psychology of change, immersed within these times of great change, along with some clearings are in this show. We're living in times when it seems like our ego-minds - if we don't have a practice of working w/our minds - are gripping, seeking more control. There are certain symptoms of this & there are new ways needed; we are living in a brand NEW, NEW, NEW era, after the galactic alignment the Mayans predicted -& built their pyramids for - centuries ago, recognizing the vast changes our planet would be undergoing at this time. These high, new frequencies or energies or the overall tone and feeling to our times are really moving us away from the black and white, dualistic thinking, commanding us & steering us towards a whole - holistic - consciousness, above & beyond the familiar, cognitive mind. Find out how you can use these times to your advantage, pull out of the collective fear & move beyond so that you CAN - we can all - create your BEST LIFE EVER!