Money worries? How do you leave that job you hate to live the life you want?

Create Your Best Life Ever! What Else is Possible?

Sep 6 2013 • 52 mins

Is it true that there's not enough money to go around, & so you need to do what it takes to get yours? As more awaken in the masses they're seeing the lies they bought by believing the lack paradigm, and that they are, in fact, FREE to create the life they desire, without having to wait anymore, locked into drudgery jobs from fear of needing the security the mind craves. That's just an excuse the mind creates as a trick to sabotage our expansion, when it doesn't want to allow our leaping into alive, awakened, inspired living. And look at how many people buy into it! We're in a brand new time now - it's showing up as drudgery w/jobs that provide security w/fear around money, and checked out, deadened life force & energy levels vs. trust & aliveness - being turned ON in your life, as you step forward, seeing what your own brilliance creates in the world and the ease, joy and prosperity created from that. Listen in to receive coaching, & Access Consciousness & Thetahealing clearings.