Holistic Change & Practices to Support

Create Your Best Life Ever! What Else is Possible?

Dec 27 2013 • 57 mins

How do we create our best lives ever? What if it doesn't seem like it's showing up? What practices & tools best support my changing holistically - in mind, body & spirit - ensuring that this change roots in my system for good? What does that typically look like? These questions and more are explored as Alison outlines this Energy Gateway time of cleansing & purging in order to bring in the new Era that we entered into last December 21st. Our world has changed over the past year; we can see signs of spiritualizing the mundane increasingly. This new Era of Humanity's Spiritual Awakening & The Era of the Restoration of Feminine Consciousness predicted by many major ancient sources including Nostradamus and the Mayans is birthing a brand new world for us - and we are here now helping that happen, whether we recognize it consciously or not. How do we make the most of these cleansing, supportive energies for us to Create our Best Lives Ever? What else is possible? Tune in to gain a glimpse.