Amma - Love and Serve:Yoga - Not Just Bending Over Backwards

Create Your Best Life Ever! What Else is Possible?

Oct 18 2013 • 59 mins

Of the 8 limbs of yoga the physical postures are only 1; 5 address working with the mind; the intricacies of disciplining it & then the fruits afterwards. Service, known as the branch of yoga called, karma yoga, is considered both an influence in creating, and an outcome of, a calm mind, body & spirit. Love & Serve is the motto of Amma, who my guest today, Vandana Dillon, is here to talk about Amma and her work w/Amma. Aka The Hugging Saint, Amma is a Hindu spiritual leader & guru, revered as a saint by her followers, and widely respected for her humanitarian activities, who Deepak Chopra says, 'is the embodiment of pure love. Her presence heals, hence people lining up for hours to receive Amma's hug. Vandana works directly w/Amma's Embracing The World Organization, an International network of charitable organizations active in 40+ Countries & an NGO w/Special Consultative Status to the United Nations, and is currently fundraising for an Atlanta center - ashram - for Amma.