Self-Mastery: it IS for everyone and you're closer than you think

Create Your Best Life Ever! What Else is Possible?

Sep 13 2013 • 59 mins

Self-Mastery isn't a lofty ideal for only those folk who can do their path full time. It's in every moment of every day & comes down to choice. In this moment are you choosing from habitual tendencies or are you in Observer mode enough to make an awake choice? Your awareness, your knowing, your intuition, your Higher Self, your non-mind Consciousness - whichever - in every moment is offering guidance. The choices we make in each moment either build momentum towards one thing, or another. Beyond guided choices, are other universal phenomena at play right now that are assisting in each of us in gaining more self-mastery. We talk about these in this show, too. Now is the time; there is SO much support coming towards us to make choices that are going to expand our lives - or not. It is this quality of expansion that is the energetics of Self-Mastery, and what to follow when making choices. What else is possible? Our best lives ever? YES! Will you help yourself choose it?