Create Your Best Life Ever! What Else is Possible?

Alison J. Kay, PhD Holistic Life Coach, Energy Healer, India Trained YA RYT-200 Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer

There is so much potential for us to be and have way more than the average person is aware. Even if you've been working within the metaphysical world, there's still so much clearing of old beliefs needed. Once we get beyond all that, beyond the old and the everyday mind, and we've learned the tools to deal with our minds and beliefs and make our minds our ally, there is a whole other world that opens up to us, a world working with consciousness, or vital life force energy, that's within us and all around us! The new sciences have proven this existence of the greater field of consciousness that matches what Alison found in her 10 years in Asia that the ancient cultures observed about the nature of life. Join her and leading pioneers in a cross section of fields as they present the tools, healings and clearings to help you see what else is possible! These are the keys for our mind-body-spirit systems to thrive, way beyond what our current system leads us to believe!

Special Encore Presentation: Support for the Spirit to Decrease the Dominance of the MindSpecial Encore Presentation: Energy and Consciousness: What are they really and what can they do for me?Special Encore Presentation of The Science Behind Consciousness and Energy with Dr. William Tiller, We Humans are Much More Than We Think We AreSpecial Encore Presentation of ThetaHealing Master Brent Phillips joins us, Get Ready for a Boost in joy, abundance, health and wealth!Holistic Change & Practices to SupportThe Nature of Our Times: Increased Well-being, Ease & Abundance!Revolutionary Goddess is here! The cosmo's effect on us during this Energy GatewayYou Are More Than Just Your Mind & Thoughts! Teachings on Detachment & Self-MasteryHolistic Cleansing for Lightening YOU up so you can LIGHT UP others!Grounding and Centering in our Bodies; Distractions &/or Depression Anyone?Dain Heer of Access Consciousness  is here as we Go into the NEW w/more possibilities than ever BEFORE!Call 866-472-5795 & receive FREE support during this weekend's energy gateway w/clearings & coachingClearing Away the Lack/Scarcity Paradigm and Bringing in the Time of Abundance NOW!Amma - Love and Serve:Yoga - Not Just Bending Over BackwardsHow to use our times' seeming chaos of change TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!Saying YES to MORE and no to less!The Nature of Our Times and its FULL SUPPORT TO THRIVE!Easing it UP: Allowing Ourselves to Drop Making Stuff Serious So We Can Play More - How To?Self-Mastery: it IS for everyone and you're closer than you thinkMoney worries? How do you leave that job you hate to live the life you want?