[0025]Thinking nobly


Mar 8 2022 • 2 mins

Thoughts arise of their own volition depending on the natural ebb and flow of sensations and revived memories of sensations. In one instant your actions are propelled by a thought that has built up in intensity and in the next you condemn the action and the state of mind that thought the thought. This is the natural process of jñeyam (ज्ञेयम्)—of discovering your self. Troubles arise when you believe that your thoughts and actions are an immutable part of your being and must leave an indelible mark on your personality rather than being a mere transitory epiphenomenon, brought on by various influences from within and without. If you treat your mind with the sanctity of a home, you could be more discerning of the thoughts that arrive at your doorstep. You can choose to let thoughts in or keep them out, as you like—or let them just go passing on by. Of course, you can’t deny the bad thoughts away, but you can replace them with good ones. Since you know that your thoughts are not always within your control, you can disassociate from them without feeling any pressing need to try and understand them or assuage them in any way. When these ill-conceived half-thoughts arise, you can let them pass away just as they are.

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