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Hell And Gone is a true crime podcast from iHeartPodcasts and School of Humans that follows journalist and private investigator Catherine Townsend as she investigates unsolved deaths.

Now in its fifth season, Hell and Gone is going weekly.

Over the past five years of making true crime podcast Hell and Gone, host Catherine Townsend has received hundreds of messages from people all around the country asking for help with an unsolved murder that’s affected them, their families and their communities.

In past seasons of the show, she’s only been able to focus on one case. But now, she’s hosting a new weekly show called Hell and Gone Murder Line. Every Thursday, Catherine features a new case, adds updates to old ones, and helps as much as she can to get the word out about unsolved murders.

If you have a case you’d like Catherine and her team to look into, you can call the Hell and Gone Murder Line at 678-744-6145.

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Our Editor's Take

The Hell and Gone podcast investigates real-life murder mysteries. Host Catherine Townsend is a writer and private investigator. Each season, she and her team investigate a new mystery. The first season explores the case that led to her becoming a private investigator. She returned to the scene where the crime took place to find the killer.

Season one of Hell and Gone is about the murder of college student Rebekah Gould in Arkansas Ozarks in 2004. Fifteen years after the murder, the killer is still unknown. Catherine soon discovers that not everyone wants to share information. It's also evident that not everyone wants the case solved.

Each episode of that season of the podcast shares an update. Issues arise throughout the investigation. There is contamination of evidence, a questionable confession, and even an arrest. Catherine talks to Rebekah's close friends and family, including her boyfriend and sister.

Catherine invites listeners to join her for every part of the investigation. In her search for answers, she reaches out for information via radio and social media. While waiting for the case file, they try old-fashioned detective techniques. Will she discover who killed Rebekah Gould?

After season four, Catherine changed the format with Hell and Gone Murder Line. Inundated by listeners seeking answers, she explores cases suggested by them. Catherine also shares updates on old cases, hoping to attract new information.

One episode examines the disappearance of Melissa Witt from her hometown. At age 19 in 1994, Melissa was due to go bowling with her mom but never made it to the bowling alley. For days, no one noticed her car in a corner of the bowling alley parking lot. They didn't see the blood stains, either. Catherine starts the investigation by talking to someone who has spent years investigating.

The Hell and Gone podcast searches for answers to unsolved crimes. Catherine and her team start by examining the information available. They talk to witnesses and loved ones and ask the public for new insights. The podcast provides a view of the life and techniques of a private investigator intent on finding answers. New episodes air every week.

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