CEO Lessons Learned

HNM Live

Apr 1 2022 • 57 mins

Panel: Lorraine Yarde and Joey Chancis   As we wrap up Women's History Month I wanted to maintain that focus of bringing premium content and discussions led and championed by women in society.   My guests today have been in the c-suite as chief executive officers of their respective companies. they’ve each had tremendous success and they’ve each had tremendous setbacks.   One launched the first nationwide mass market distribution of consumer biometric products while the other was self-funded and gained great success over a 2 decade period developing skin care and cosmetic products and distributing them through prestige department stores and high end spas and salons globally.   The discussion isn't meant to dwell on the negative, but to bring some attention to it and discuss effective strategies and talk about ceo lessons learned and having a responsible mindset while raising capital.