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Kara Nance

The Blindspot is an Enneagram podcast that explores the way the instinctual drives impact the manifestation of Enneatype. We specifically focus on ways of working with the instinctual blindspot to support personal growth. The host is Kara Nance who uses Jungian psychology, Marshall Rosenbergs Nonviolent Communication, Sarah Peyton’s Resonant Healing, and mindfulness based techniques to support her clients. read less

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Episode 4: What are the Instinctual Drives and How Does it Relate to Enneatype?
Aug 14 2022
Episode 4: What are the Instinctual Drives and How Does it Relate to Enneatype?
Kara and John dive into describing the instinctual drives, subtypes, and the controversies that exist in the field Please send comments or questions to John's book is available at 8 – What’s the relationship between the instinctual drives and the personality structure? Subtype as “Disease” and our growth path as a “treatment plan” 11 – Being dominant in an instinct doesn’t mean you’re good at it and what is Kara’s experience of being self preservation dominant 13 – How can our experiences with substances help us to understand our instinctual fears? 16 – If fear itself is not just Six what is Six? What does that mean about the Head Center? 18 – How might the self preservation dominant person experience the body? 22:30 – What’s the difference between an instinctual need and a strategy that’s manufactured by the personality 24:45 – What is the definition of essence? What is an Essence Quality? 32:45 – How does John look at the instincts verses how other teachers might look at the instincts? 37 – How do we differentiate competition coming from an ego structure versus the sexual instinct 40 – What is the special relationship between the instincts and the Enneagram? 42 – How can family be a strategy to meet self preservation needs in addition to social needs? 46 – What are the needs of each instinctual drive? 48 – What’s the difference between self esteem and self regulation in regards to the self preservation instinct 50 – What’s the difference between transcendence and individuation? Is this found in the self preservation instinct? 52:55 – What are resources and foundations and why is this important to the self preservation instinct? 55 – What are the needs of the sexual instinct? 61 – What are the needs of the social instinct?
Episode 8 - The Struggles of the 3x9 Pairing
Sep 11 2022
Episode 8 - The Struggles of the 3x9 Pairing
This week I share my experience of 30 years of intimate partnership with three different 9’s and invite you into the dynamic with my SO dominant 9w1, 964 trifix. 3:00 – Listen to Kara talk about what she loves about nines 7:00 – Kara shares her experience of growing up with two body centered parents 11:00 – How do we help 9’s get in touch with their anger? 12:30 – How do nines avoid the experience of discomfort? 14:00 – Meet Kara & Drew 17:30 – How did Drew find his way to Type 9? 19:00 – Why do nines mistype as fours? 21:30 – How do nines punish through withdrawl and how do you know when your nine is pissed? 27:00 – How do nines manage their exposure to unpleasant experiences? 33:20 – How did Kara discover she was a Three and not an Eight? 38:00 – Why do attachment types mistype? 40:00 – Drew talks about why he doesn’t think “having an instinctual stack” is descriptive or helpful 43:00 – Kara descries why she think we DO have an instinctual stack that we’re born with and isn’t going to change even though all instincts express at different times 51:00 – Kara and Drew describe the different wiring in the 3 vs 9 nervous system 54:00 – Drew describes his experience of his SP instinct 1:01:20 – Kara describes how her ENFP shows up so differently from Drew’s INFJ cognitive processes 1:04:00 – Kara describes the difference between Drew’s SO dominance and Kara’s SO middle 1:08:00 – Kara and Drew describe their experience of the SX instinct 1:15:00 – We discuss that SO dominant may not enjoy groups 1:18:30 – Kara and Drew express their experience of sexuality 1:23:00 – What does attachment to disconnect look like when two attachment types are together? 1:24:15 – Why nines hate having their location pinned down and how do attachment types help each other find their locations? 1:26:30 – The many different no’s nines will give you. 1:28:30 – Why Nines can’t give an emphatic yes. 1:35:00 – Kara gives final thoughts on what SX blind looks like and how’s she coming to identify it