The Few - A Podcast for Faith Empowered Workplace Leaders

Dr. Ed Rogers & Dr. Bill Brown

Ed Rogers, a former pastor now CEO and Bill Brown a current pastor discuss leadership topics from a Christian perspective. Each week they deal with topics that are relevant for pastors and Christians who are leaders in their workplace. If you are looking to integrate your spiritual development with your workplace leadership, this podcast is for you.

Episode 71: Leadership Lessons from Acts Chapter 3Episode 70: Leadership Lessons from Acts Chapter TwoEpisode 69: Leadership Lesson from Acts Chapter OneEpisode 68: Interview with Administrative Law Judge, The Honorable Drew CrislipEpisode 67: Hope For Tired Leaders Working With Tired TeamsEpisode 66: Mindfulness and the Christian LeaderEpisode 65: Becoming a Possibilist Leader!Episode 64: Curiosity as a Key Ingredient to LeadershipEpisode 63: Interview with Duane Huck, Industrial Leader, Entrepreneur, Owner of Stoked CoffeeEpisode 62: 5 Barriers to Getting Things DoneEpisode 61: Discussion with J.D. Reed about Cultural Differences and Similarities in LeadershipEpisode 60: Competition or Collaboration? Do we have to choose?Episode 59: What We Learned or Should Have Learned from 2020Episode 58: How to Experience Joy in the WorkplaceEpisode 57: How to Simplify Your Life as a LeaderEpisode 56: How to Help Your Team See Pain as a GiftEpisode 55: Interview with Tammy Jordan, Owner and Founder of Fruits of LaborEpisode 54: Book Discussion on Tod Bolsinger's Canoeing the MountainsEpisode 53: How to Deal with Antagonists in the Workplace and ChurchEpisode 52: How to Lead with Love